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past newsletter
Title Date Content
December 2018

11 2nd Int. Workshop on Simulation Science.pdf

April 2016

3rd symposium info_plasticity.pdf

June 2016

CMCn2016 and first DAMASK user meeting

February 2017

Gordon Research Conference on Physical Metallurgy.pdf

January 2018

MSE - Plasticity Across the Scales.pdf

November 2016

Mini-Symposium on Dislocations within ICMM5.pdf

September 2017

Schöntal Symposium 2018.pdf

October 2016

Special Issue "Plasticity of Crystals and Interfaces".pdf

October 2016

Symposium on dislocations at 2017 MRS Spring Meeting.pdf

January 2017

postdoc position in dislocation.pdf

April 2016

welcome info_plasticity.pdf